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Empowerment & Eye-opener! Looking for a career coach, need someone to scrutinise & question your CV's standard or need some guidance on prepping for interviews, I highly recommend Angel. She is a really good career coach that you need to connect with. I'm so grateful for the number of awesome conversations I had with her.

Changed my perceptions about building a personal brand and strong connections internally. She is focused, encouraging, patient, direct and guided me throughout the process.

Angel was insightful, gave constant feedback on how to connect to clinch opportunities for conversations with the right teams. With her guidance, I am focused on achieving the next steps of my career path. I am really glad we connected over a 1:1 call to 1-month guidance towards building a strong career roadmap.


Leasha Sonam

I had the experience of being coached by Angel in the early stages of my career placement. She has a charismatic personality that leads to people opening up to her. She is patient, insightful, emphatic, and offered additional valuable viewpoints that spurred further thinking.

Being coached on the discourse when the final "ah ha!" kicked in was a revelation for me. I have benefited greatly from her pointers and am more confident for my path ahead.

Shaun Leong

I was lucky to have a 30-minute call with Angel and it was one of the most productive time spent during my job-seeking process. By asking the right questions, she guided me through what to do in order to reach where I want to be.

Angel also gave insightful feedback on my resume and Linkedin profile which was very helpful. After the call, I was clear about what I should be focusing on for the next steps in my career path and gained confidence in the job-seeking process itself.

 Junghyun Lee

"It's life changing for me. I have never imagine how important it is to have a career coach to guide you. I have spent so much money with education trying to get a good job. Going into the job market blindly is not a very pleasant experience, but a great career coach like Angel totally made a different in my last job hunting process.

She helped me clarify what I really want with her on points questions. No bullshit, purely about what you want to do and who you want to be.

She didn't only guide me, but she was always there for me when something came up. When I needed to have a tough conversation with my future employer, she gave me the best advices and always check with me if I'm ready, which makes me feel much better than doing all this all alone."

Varisara Superchart

It’s been such an eye opening and wonderful experience working with Angel. To those considering a career coach, do it, and work with Angel! She is amazing at what she does. She is professional, caring and insightful.

She has absolutely changed my perception of the job search. She has provided me with a solid roadmap and helped me to define my personal brand. She was wonderful at guiding me to amplify my CV and shared great methods to get noticed by future employers.

Angel was always there to answer questions, help and guide me. She still is! Her experience really shines through and her advice is always spot on. Angel is extremely encouraging and was exactly what I needed while searching for my next role. 

Charissa Chen

"Angel brings a refreshing, extremely insightful, and results-driven approach to career coaching. I never considered engaging a career coach and since working with Angel, I understand the value of doing so.

She took the time to truly understand my career goals and gave me actionable advice on how to achieve them. I'm looking forward to working with Angel again in the future and could not recommend her more! "

Luke Ward

In planning my recent move as a design professional, I got in touch with Angel as a career coach, whom I am extremely grateful to. With just a few 20 minute sessions, I learnt where my applications were lacking, and how to get myself to stand out with a simple and effective resume. With the right choice of words tailored to fit my audience, I gained valuable insight from Angel on what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for.

Angel demonstrates impeccable initiative in her commitment to coaching you with her ability to source key contacts to advance your search. Her versatility shows in how she learns quickly from one industry and applies her knowledge effectively when customizing your approach for you. The level of customization is sophisticated, ranging from resume reviews, LinkedIn profile curation as well as impactful email scripts.

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of running my scripts by Angel to gain valuable insight on how I can catch my reader's attention. I strongly believe with the right focus and customization, we can learn to present our best selves forward- and Angel is probably the best person you can lean to for this advantage.


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