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"I've had the absolute privilege of having Angel as a career coach and mentor."

She is a thoughtful, supportive, and empowering individual and she completely transformed my perspective and approach to both my career goals and the job search process.

I highly recommend Angel to anyone who is looking for a career coach or mentor, she is great at what she does and I can't thank her enough!

Samantha Wong


Empowerment & Eye-opener! Looking for a career coach, need someone to scrutinize & question your CV's standard, or need some guidance on prepping for interviews, I highly recommend Angel.

"She is a really good career coach that you need to connect with. I'm so grateful for the number of awesome conversations I had with her."

Changed my perceptions about building a personal brand and strong connections internally. She is focused, encouraging, patient, direct, and guided me throughout the process.

Angel was insightful, and gave constant feedback on how to connect to clinch opportunities for conversations with the right teams. With her guidance, I am focused on achieving the next steps of my career path. I am really glad we connected over a 1:1 call to 1-month guidance towards building a strong career roadmap.

Leasha Sonam


"Angel brings a refreshing, extremely insightful, and results-driven approach to career coaching. I never considered engaging a career coach and since working with Angel, I understand the value of doing so."

She took the time to truly understand my career goals and gave me actionable advice on how to achieve them.

I'm looking forward to working with Angel again in the future and could not recommend her more!"

Luke Ward

Business Development Manager at Berkeley Group Plc 

"Angel is your modern-day career 'therapist'."

She will help you formalize actionable career goals and identify what is it you need to work on.

She has a way of helping you figure out answers on your own, which is perfect because not only are you accountable, but you can also adapt the learnings to any unique situation.


Head of Marketing

It’s been such an eye-opening and wonderful experience working with Angel. To those considering a career coach, do it, and work with Angel!

"She is amazing at what she does. She is professional, caring, and insightful."

She has absolutely changed my perception of the job search. She has provided me with a solid roadmap and helped me to define my personal brand. She was wonderful at guiding me to amplify my CV and shared great methods to get noticed by future employers.

Angel was always there to answer questions, help and guide me. She still is! Her experience really shines through and her advice is always spot on. Angel is extremely encouraging and was exactly what I needed while searching for my next role.

Varisara Superchart

Account Manager | Project Manager at Baidu, Inc.

"Angel is a superstar – I mean it!"

When I wanted to pivot into Tech from Oil & Gas, I had no idea where to begin and how to do about it – and this is where she shines. Angel has a knack for asking the right questions to get you moving in the right direction.

She was a great source of support, always there to answer any questions I had as I progressed through the different stages in my job search.

Michelle John


"Working with Angel was comforting and reassuring."

She was the confident friend that I needed and a cheerleader in the tough moments during this process. There was that good balance of hand-holding but I was also pushed out of my comfort zone — and I needed to be.

I think people who want to do this program need to realize that they need to put in the work and time too! Be committed and you'll get results.

Natasha Zachariah


"Angel’s expertise has helped me significantly in my career."

I have consulted her multiple times throughout my career. She is empowering, encouraging, and is always there to support. Her feedback and guidance are super insightful and have helped me become more confident in growing my career and achieving my goals.

I look forward to continuing the coaching journey with her and highly recommend anyone who is looking for a career coach!

Yiyang Yu


As an applicant for PageUp's pioneer development team in Manila, there are a lot of challenges and hurdles. Add to that the fact that every step had to be coordinated remotely only added to the difficulties.

"Good thing I had Angel piloting the journey."

I was kept informed and engaged throughout the application process. Her approach definitely played a big part in my decision to join PageUp. And it has been awesome ever since.

Ken Uriarte

Senior Principal Developer | Senior Technical Lead at PageUp

It's life-changing for me. I have never imagined how important it is to have a career coach to guide you. I have spent so much money on education trying to get a good job. Going into the job market blindly is not a very pleasant experience, but a great career coach like Angel totally made a difference in my last job-hunting process.

"She helped me clarify what I really want with her on-points questions. No bullshit, purely about what you want to do and who you want to be."

She didn't only guide me, but she was always there for me when something came up. When I needed to have a tough conversation with my future employer, she gave me the best advice and always check with me if I'm ready, which makes me feel much better than doing all this all alone.

Charissa Chen

Sales Account Director

"Angel's expertise was a much-needed boost in both knowledge and confidence for my career journey."

I have consulted her on multiple occasions relating to my career path, interview advice, pre and post-interview action points and thoughts, and she has been super helpful with every process I trouble her expertise for. I am happy to say that I have landed an excellent role after six months of unemployment due to the pandemic, and even successfully negotiated several favourable terms for myself with her help.

I'm happy to recommend Angel for any career advice or doubts anyone may have with their own work future. She is friendly, personable and professional - an absolute delight both as a friend and as a coach - always ready to help me out with useful tips which go a long way for my career path - and no, she does not speak too much.

Wenny Y.

Word Wrangler, Idea Herder

"Angel is a career coach ROCKSTAR!"

I’ve always dreamed of working at a remote company to be able to live the digital nomad lifestyle, Angel and her program made this dream of mine come true! I am very fortunate and grateful to be coached by her.

Once you talk to Angel, you will feel comfortable opening up to her. She is super friendly, empathic, and offers much insightful knowledge and feedback.

Karina Sofyan


Like how athletes need coaches to work on their endurance, their form, and their pace,

"I’ve been fortunate to have Angel as a career coach."

I highly recommend Angel to anyone looking to level up their career progression and work on practical steps to get to their goals!

Adrian Tan


"I was lucky to have a 30-minute call with Angel and it was one of the most productive times spent during my job-seeking process."

By asking the right questions, she guided me through what to do in order to reach where I want to be. Angel also gave insightful feedback on my resume and Linkedin profile which was very helpful.

After the call, I was clear about what I should be focusing on for the next steps in my career path and gained confidence in the job-seeking process itself."

Junghyun Lee

Product Management & Business Development

I have a stronger thought process now when dealing with different stakeholders and have more self-awareness to manage different situations.

"Angel also helped me drive my path towards applications during a pandemic time which seemed to be impossible at first."

In addition, It was really helpful that when times were tough, she was there to help me get back on my track! Her programs are indeed helpful!



"She is a good motivator with a good personality. Hope you do well in your career!"

Bestrian Khaerudin

Pipeline Engineer at QatarEnergy

I came across Angel's profile Although I am an avid reader of self improvement and content to ensure that I remain employable , I tend to refrain from reading or seeing content that includes huge jargons. I chanced upon her post on salary negotiation a couple of months back, and found the information that she provided very useful, concise and relatable.

"Additionally , Angel is very kind and polite, when I asked her random questions about other career progression articles I have read, she did not shy away from the questions and made efforts to clarify if her response assists me."

People like Angel give hope to people like me who look for information online especially concise information that can be seen during the journey to work or at lunch hour. Thanks for all the Advice Angel , your help and advices are very useful and relatable.

Madurita Segran

Aspiring Recruitment Consultant

"I had the experience of being coached by Angel in the early stages of my career placement. She has a charismatic personality that leads to people opening up to her."

She is patient, insightful, and emphatic, and offered additional valuable viewpoints that spurred further thinking. Being coached on the discourse when the final "ah ha!" kicked in was a revelation for me.

I have benefited greatly from her pointers and am more confident for my path ahead."

Shaun Leong

Customer Success Manager at Alaya

"My experience was eye-opening, exciting, and rewarding."

The tools and training session aren’t only about landing a job of my career goals, but it allowed me to learn the end-to-end process of a job search, from branding myself on LinkedIn to negotiating salary. The other side of the experience is self-reflection.

It made me think deeper and challenge my current doubts about myself into something more encouraging and fearless."

Valerie Ong


Angel Satish is one of the most highly motivated professionals through her work at Oil and Gas Spencer-Ogden.

"Her skills are brilliant, has deep experience in recruitment and communications and is always focused to get client's satisfaction."

Angel Satish is proactive, customer-service-oriented, responsible and efficient employee that has an easiness to build interpersonal relations with others. I can recommend Angel Satish as an outstanding recruitment consultant and an asset to any company she will be involved to.

Abdul Nazer

Senior Instrumentation and Control Engineer at Fluor Daniel

"Angel is a no-fluff coach. Her job search advice is spot on."

Her feedback elevated my interview skills and resume. Being a job seeker, I may be overlooking some areas and if I am driving the sessions then it may not occur to me to ask some questions.

Angel has so much to offer and I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to work with her again.

Aneri Desai

Senior Project Manager

"The coaching experience with Angel was enlightening!"

It was a great way to put some thought into what I want from my career and how my CV & LinkedIn are affecting it.

Was good to spend some time thinking about myself and my goals!


Executive Assistant

I’m so glad I took the step to invest in myself in this program! As I have to juggle work and family, it is easy to forget to prioritize my own needs. Following the program motivates me to create and carry through my career action plan with Angel’s guidance.

"Angel is pretty much the career cheerleader you never knew you needed."

I could feel my mindset shifting positively. She has amazing insight and perspectives. Most importantly, she made me see the value in the things that I’ve been doing at wo


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Ready to level up both your career confidence and salary?

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Ready to level up both your career confidence and salary?

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